Tuesday, May 17, 2011


If I didn't usually type with only two fingers (shush, I'm good at it anyway) I probably would be typing very slowly right now. That's because I can't use my left middle finger or bend my right elbow. Why? I gave blood today. Ow. (But yay, good cause.)

Anyway, my writing-point: I now know what it feels like to black out.


Have you noticed how in many, many books and movies, characters black out a lot? Whether it's after an intense battle scene, from shock, or from the good spy ramming the bad spy on the head with a dictionary or something, someone always loses consciousness.

[Be warned: I've asked some experts (ish) and the hitting-on-the-head-then-character-blacks-out-but-wakes-up-with-just-an-eensy-headache is only acceptable in the literary world. I'm pretty sure in the real life world you get more than a headache if you black out for more than a few seconds from head trauma.]

Anyway. Since I'll probably want to use a blackout scene someday, I have the experience of going woozy after donating blood. (Don't freak out...I didn't eat enough breakfast.) The world started to glow and I heard everything from a long, long way away. I remember leaning over and then people were telling me to prop my feet up and I was on my back. I still couldn't hear (which freaked me out the most). I was okay in a few minutes, but my second thought after holy crap I can't hear was great! I'll use this in a story. If I can ever hear again.

Any thoughts on the blackout scenes?