Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Cheesecake has to be the best dessert ever. Okay, except for something with a lot of chocolate. But, next to chocolate, cheesecake is the best. Perhaps for the same reason chocolate is so awesome--I'm a texture eater.

By that I mean, I like foods more for their texture than their taste. Not that taste doesn't matter, texture just...matters more. Which has me thinking, we hear a lot about sounds, sights, even smells in writing, but what about texture?

I love when I'm reading something and texture is described. For a moment, I'm even more engrossed in the story, trying to feel the same surface--table, clothing, pathway--as the character. Especially when it's worked in subtly (e.i. without "it felt like" every time).

I gave it a try a few scenes ago in my WIP. So, as something like an example...

I lean forward, resting my knuckles against the edge of the table, the weird texture that always reminds me of hard cottage cheese biting into my skin. Who would make card tables rough, anyway? Don’t people have to write stuff, like scores? Someone should complain.

(Incidentally, does anyone know what kind of table I'm talking about? Yeah, that kind. What are they even good for anyway? My guess is birthday parties. Put the cake on them. That's all I ever see them used for.)

Do you have any good examples of texture in writing? Or maybe another sense you wish writers explored more?