Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hey, that's me!

(Pretend it's Tuesday. Really, pretend it is. Actually, I don't want it to be Tuesday, because the fact that it's Wednesday means school is FINALLY over and I'm FINALLY on break. But for the intents and purposes of my blog post, pretend it's Tuesday.)

This past Thursday I was on TV! Live! Which was, let me say, very exciting. Also, I got Chipotle after I left the studio which was ALSO very exciting. Though for once not as exciting as the event preceding it. Which was my interview. Which^2 I am sharing with you--click here if you want to watch!

It's a writer stereotype that those who use written words must be inept at the spoken word part. Much as I may sometimes mispronounce words (I know how to spell them before I know how to say them) I don't think this is true for me. I like to talk (almost) as much as I like to write. And I think, in most cases, you'll find this is true for a lot of writers. Why? Because words are cool.