Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wednesday Says People Should Buy Writers Nice Things

Writers should get nice things. With the holidays approaching, I decided to compile a list to point hapless relative/friends in the right direction for gift shopping.

  1. Anything from Out of Print Clothing. They have shirts, journals, tote bags, journals, and ebook covers featuring the cover designs of classic books (I own the Gatsby sweatshirt, which I wear approximately once a week. It's the warmest thing ever). Check them out here.
  2. The Writer's Toolbox, by Jamie Cat Callan. Comes complete with first lines like "It wasn't so much that I had been blind to the truth, but that I had seen the truth differently," and more weird prompts. The Amazon page.
  3. Novel Teas. English Breakfast tea bags with quotes from T.S. Eliot, Dr. Suess, and others on the tags. Perfect to consume while reading or writing. Caffeine can be found here.
  4. Demeter Fragance's paperback perfume. I don't care if it's silly. Books smell like heaven.
  5. A personal library kit. This way you can lend your books to others complete with card catalogue and due date stamp. Go buy it for me.
  6. Journals/notebooks. One of my personal obsessions. Barnes and Noble usually has really nice ones.
  7. BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS (obviously).
The internet has more ideas for you here: