Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday with a Real Thoughts

Plot Twist: The guy actually noticing the girl
Wait a second. That is only a plot twist in real life.
In book world, guy's thoughts revolve around "she's beautiful. *insert girly adjectives*. We should get married as teenagers since we have true love."
BOYS PLEASE DO NOT TAKE AFFENSE. THIS IS A JOKE. In real life, guy's thoughts are more like "oh you exist. sorry didn't notice you were alive let alone a girl. I think your apparent lack of boobage has something to do with that. I'm gonna talk to that hot person over there."
I know those are both extreme exaggerations, but it is something to pay attention to. Please don't over fluff boy thoughts because it sounds romantic. I don't think any guy has ever looked at me at thought what my imaginary book boy thought. If he did, it's kinda weird. Personally, I like to know a person beside how attractive they are before thinking about the lovey dovey stuff.
Guys please note the same thing.
In boy book world, girls think "I'm going to screw with you head, make out with you, then ignore you. On the bright side you will totally fall in love with me even thought I am just screwing with your head. LET'S MAKE OUT! Never mind I was just messing with you."
In real world, girls think "omg should I text him. Does he think I am annoying? I am so annoying him with all these texts. MUST NOT TEXT. Why won't he just text me first? Does he find me that repulsive that I don't even warrant a text? Why are guys so confusing? *Bangs head on table*"
Again more extreme exaggerations. I read a guys WIP, and the girl was constantly screwing with the guys head. Most girls I know don't intentionally mess with guys (there are exceptions).
Anyways real life thoughts are much more interesting and help the reader gain a more personal connection with your POVs/ actions.
Be real people.