Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Loves Love

Romance is such a huge part of YA literature. The teenage years are the years were you fall in love for the first time (or so I’ve read :D) which is why it shows up everywhere in YA. I’m really disappointed in the romance of YA lately though. Maybe it’s because I read paranormal novels, but I feel a lot of the relationships are just lust mistaken for love. There’s a big difference between the two.
Lust is a very strong sexual desire (according to Google dictionary). Lust is when you see a hot person and without saying anything to them have a crush on them can result in stalking, awkward encounters, staring lots of staring, painful heartache when the date someone else even though you’ve never really talked to them, being diagnosed as a crazy person, or possibly love (according to me). I feel a lot of paranormal books are just lust. They see a hot guy, feel this undeniable connection, and BOOM soul mates. I feel people forget a tiny thing called hormones. Hormones are tricky little things (think of the annoying little kid who puts whoopee cushions on everyone’s chair times a billion) because they make you THINK you are in love when really you’re in lust. I love you is so much catchier than I lust you, but they carry completely different meanings. I’m not saying lust can’t evolve into love, but they are two different things.
Love is an intense feeling of deep affection (according to Google Dictionary). Love is real and stays with you forever (if it is real love and not lust/ crush) can result in heartbreak, donating large amounts of money to Ben & Jerry and the Kleenex company, tears, happiness, and a relationship that makes everything else better. I think finding someone to be your one and only is the dream (other than you know being the next J.K. Rowling), but all dreams take work to become reality. You can’t become the next J.K. Rowling if you don’t take the time to WRITE. You can’t fall in love unless you are willing to love with your heart not just your hormones. Loving with your heart takes time and compromise but is worth every second good or bad.

  • Hormones are involves
  • Can be real and forever
  • Can be temporary
  • Takes an approving glance
  • Heart is involved
  • Real and Forever
  • Takes time to develop
I mean I have nothing wrong with lust, but I hate how it gets mistaken for love at first sight.
What are your thoughts on love? Do you see lust a lot in books? Do think I’m coco?