Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday on more school survival (aka writing for school)

Okay, I'll admit it:

I hate homework.

Oh, wait. If you know who I am, you probably already know that. I've mentioned it a few times.

(Or a few thousand times.)

But here's the thing--sometimes homework is writing. And in the midst of a million hours of homework for a million classes and the irony of not being able to keep up with news (like watch the RNC and the DNC because school's started and you don't have time for "current events"anymore) because you have to do other forms of dictated education during your free time in addition to the EIGHT HOURS ALREADY SPENT IN THE ACTUAL LEARNING INSTITUTE AND--

Wait, I lost my point.

Oh! Right. Sometimes homework is writing, and in the midst of the aforementioned homework, you might sometimes (always) feel like spewing random words on a page just to get it over with already.

I do not recommend this.

And yes, clearly, I see your homework pain and raise you some angst and complaining! But an opportunity to write is an opportunity to write--and you might just crank out something you're proud of and use it to enter contests or launch a novel or pound out your feelings in a lengthy, well-cited essay. (All have actually happened to me. I am the example here.)

So don't let homework win. Have fun writing anyway.

Happy Tuesday!