Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday's Old Work (Scary Stuff!)

I know I should probably do my homework, but I'm procrastinating. In my procrastination, I found old writing ideas. My goodness, they are bad. I put them into a file called "not so good", but I think I need to change it to "This Stuff is So Bad My Dog Wouldn't Even Eat My Words"
I am going to share this little gem with you because this blog is about sharing our writing journey, so I won't sugar coat it. Nothing was added, cut or edited, so sorry for spelling, grammar, or hives caused from reading this plot summary. You have been warned.
Please note that my "journey" started when I was 12 in the beginning of the vampire craze.

A new school. A new group of “friends”. A new crush. And many new jugulars to drink.
Mogan Beck is new at school. After sucking her prom dates vein at PROM in front of everyone it’s time for a new change of scenery. It wasn’t hard either. After her last foster parents found out she was “showing unholy behavior in public.” More like you can’t give a guy a hickey in front of the pastor’s daughter and everyone else at school. Which didn’t happen FYI. It was worse. She was … drinking his blood. Gross. Very gross. So why did she like it so much?
At her new school she has to deal more challenges than ever. Like wanting to drink your best friend’s blood. Or falling for a vampire HUNTER. Or maybe the fact that maybe just maybe her geometry teacher knows more about her than anyone else at school. 

BTW that beauty was titled "Blood, Boys and Brownies". I'm pretty sure the only way I could have made that work was if my readers were eating pot brownies while reading. 
Yes, I want to stake MYSELF for that writing. I can think of a gazillion books with that premise. 
At least I included some poor excuse for voice, but my other stuff was just BAD. I mean I wrote YA even though I wasn't even a young adult yet.
Some of the premises are okay. Need a little face lift but workable. I can remember my thoughts when I had those ideas which really surprised me. I really love my footnotes.
Keep it PG, PG-13 at the MAX 
(yeah my current WIP isn't PG. It's PG-13 at the MIN)
I was definitely feeling some nostalgia. 
The thing is I learned something. 
While I was organizing my ideas into good ideas and not so good ideas, I realized I still want to write some of these stories.
Most importantly though, I learned which stories I need to tell.
I have 76 files of story ideas with varying degrees of completeness (some basic like boy likes girl others were thousands of word garbage), but only three stories made me think "only I could write this".
I love all of my ideas. They are all a big part of my life during the time I wrote them, but now I found the stories that I can see being a big part of my future. 
Those are the stories I will write.
What stories do you feel that you MUST write? Have they changed over the years? WHat were your early ideas like?