Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday Attacks Endings

Lately, I've read a lot of books with amazing twist endings. I just sit there wondering how the author could have thought of something so ingenious. I love them. I just have one tinsy, tiny problem with them: how they are built up.
I hate the whole decide to attack, fade out, PUNCH.
It's really vague when something bad happens, the MC decides enough is enough and that they need to take action, but the scene ends before the big action sequences occurs.
Those really bother me.
I get that it adds suspense, so the reader can go "OMG what are they gonna do", but I just roll my eyes and close the book. The author has lost me in that moment.
For me, this is a trick to keep readers interested.
GREAT writing doesn't need tricks.
I would prefer the MC come up with the plan then plan go up in flames.
1. More realistic- NOTHING goes according to plan
2. Shows how the character reacts in a crisis- FORCE the characters to do the unexpected. They might surprise everyone
3. More dramatic- the readers need a bit of a shake up
Possible idea: Maybe there could be a GIANT plot whole that you character doesn't realize, and that plot hole ruins their plan. How does your character over come their mistake?
You can have that awesome trick ending, but make the character work for it not the reader.