Friday, October 5, 2012



I have been gone for far too long. Okay, not really, I have been gone for around a month. I've just been trying to settle into school and whatnot.

And every Friday I'm like, "Oh yes, YA Lit Six post, must do that." And then I forget. But I am here! I promise! I haven't died!

This is all jumbly. I'm sorry.

I'm rather short on writing news to share, apart from the fact I'm taking a creative writing class at my university. I've learned quite a bit from it. I've been wanting to make posts about it and relay the information I've been learning to all of you, but I'm such a slacker.

I would advise any writer to look into the book 'Writing Fiction' by Janet Burroway, though. There is some great advice and information for both amateur and seasoned writers. There are also some FANTASTIC short stories, and we all know that reading helps you become a better writer. Of course, there are some things that aren't necessarily true of writing and should be challenged (in my and others' opinions, at least). I have a lot of things highlighted in the book, so I think next post I shall share some with you!

Sorry for the shortness!