Saturday, March 5, 2011

100 Things About Your Friendly Neighbourhood Saturday

Or: I had a weird, not-much-sleeping, semi-painful week and I don't feel like continuing the post I did last week. Next week!

So I've seen this on Wendy's blog and also on Kaitlin's and I decided to totally copy them. Keep in mind I wrote most of this last night buzzed on Dr. Pepper when I should have been sleeping. Anyways, hope you enjoy this.

1. I'm short. Five-two and a half, to be precise.

2. I have size ten feet. I whine about this a lot but sometimes it works in my advantage in finding shoes on sale.

3. I'm not sure what colour my hair would be called. It's kind of a medium light brown with some reddish highlights in the right light and it picks up blonde highlights easily. The natural parts, anyways.

4. I have two chunks of my hair dyed blue. I don't feel like me without them.

5. My hair curls some after I wash it. Without "help", it gets this beachy sort of light wave. With "help," (aka curl defining spray and curl scrunching gel) it has a fair amount of big curls and waves.

6. The more it curls, the happier I am.

7. It curls more when it's short, but I like it long.

8. When I was young, I could sit on my hair.

9. I've only straightened it twice. When I got it cut, the girl straightened it to cut it, but she curled it when she was done.

10. I go out with my hair wet a lot because I like the way it curls as it dries (see above), but

11. I don't shower everyday because it dries out my hair and skin and makes my blue fade too fast, so

12. I like to curl my hair on days I don't wash it. Normally I nuse a 2-inch curling iron, but I got a new one for Christmas that I've been playing with.

13. I like the number 13 because it's my birthday. (December 13th.)

14. I can't believe I did ten things about my hair.

15. Also: I love headbands. My favourite is a black one with a bow.

16. Last one: I don't really put my hair in ponytails because it hurts my head. I use big hairclips on winter days when my hair is wet so it doesn't freeze solid (No, seriously. I've had it happen.) and when I cook or do dishes.

17. I like doing dishes.

18. Except when people let ketchup dry on things, or when there are chunks of food in the sink (nasty).

19. I love cooking and baking.

20. But I don't like to touch raw chicken or turkey. Pork, beef, even bacon and ground beef don't bug me. Just poutry.

21. I love bacon.

22. When I'm stressed or worried or my writing's not working the way I want it to, I clean.

23. When I'm really stressed, I don't sleep well.

24. But when I do, I have stress nightmares. They are bloody and violent.

25. Most of the time, though, my dreams aren't scary in anyway.

26. I open the fridge door at night instead of turning on a light. I know it's bad, but to be fair, my mom's bedroom door opens into the kitchen and it'd wake her up and she'd yell at me. :P

27. When I'm tired, my brain will think one work and I'll write down (or type) another, or skip words entirely. Makes for weird typos sometimes.

28. I'm very sensitive to caffeine.

29. But I don't like coffee anyways.

30. Pepsi gives me the hiccups.

31. I'm lactose intolerant, but I have pills so I can eat dairy.

32. I make the best brownies you'll ever have.

33. My laptop is named Lilah. Korianne named it when I first got it.

34. My room is always messy.

35. I own a television that is probably older than me.

36. It lives in my closet, so my closet doors are always open.

37. This, plus having no legs on my bed, makes me sleep easier.

38. I have way too many face and hair products, and way too much makeup.

39. I'm willing to invest in some things, but I like quality affordable stuff better. (Elf girl all the way!)

40. When I was a kid, I would tell myself stories in my head to make myself fall asleep.

41. I still do this.

42. When I was a kid, the stories usually featured Sailor Moon characters.

43. I keep old calendars, too.

44. My ears are pierces 6 times, 3 in each ear.

45. I want more.

46. This is written on the last page of my notebook and this makes me sad because I only have one more of this kind of notebook.

47. I like having painted nails and own a ton of nail polish, but I don't paint them that often.

48. I only wear makeup a couple times a week, but I own TONS.

49. One more hair one: My hair has been had blue, purple, green (from fading), and pink (also fading) streaks. I've spray-dyed it a million colours. It's been lighter and way too dark (bad look on me - I looked like Morticia Addams), but never red for some reason.

50. My doctor once said I had a redhead's skin.

51. My eyes look different colours depending on what I'm wearing, my makeup, how tired I am, etc.

52. When I cook or do dishes, I almost always listen to music

53. and I put my mp3 player in my bra so my hands are free (I rarely wear clothes with pockets).

54. I can skip songs by poking myself in the chest. I only do this in the house.

55. There is a cat salt and petter shaker set on my TV.

56. I hang necklaces I like but don't wear on my closet door handles and on the hook I hang my mirror on.

57. The mirror has a little precious moments girl on it, so you can't see part of the it, but I don't really mind.

58. My real name isn't Laina.

59. I have a Tinkerbell hamper.

60. I read about 450 picture books last year.

61. I love kids, but babies scare me a little... a lot.

62. Orange juice makes my stomach hurt.

63. Cheddar cheese grosses me out.

64. I want a pet hedgehog. Like, bad. But I can't really have pets right now. Which sucks.

65. I live next door to a church. I steal lilacs off their trees in spring because I love lilacs.

66. They make me a bit sneezy, but I don't care.

67. Next year, I think I'm going to water the trees. Saskatchewan doesn't get enough rain to keep lilacs happy and healthy and it makes me sad when the flowers die so fast.

68. I love Elle Canada. It's the only fashion type magazine I really read.

69. This number makes me snicker.

70. I choose not to curse. I feel it's unnecessary (for me, not for anyone else). I'm also trying to cut out saying, "God," and that type of thing.

71. I announce on Twitter pretty often when I have to pee. I do this in real life, too.

72. For a while, I wrote the number 1 like I write cursive capital L's. Then I lost points in math class because we did the peer marking thing and the girl who marked mine didn't like me. So I had to stop that.

73. My ring and pinky fingernails grow the longest, I have to cut my middle right fingernail after it gets a certain length or it hurts when I use my touchpad, my thumbnails are weirdly thick, and my index fingernails grow more on one side than the other.

74. I don't like wearing socks, but I love cute socks.

75. My feet get realy cold in winter, so I wear fuzzy socks pretty often, but I still don't like it.

76. I can't wear slippers because my feet sweat too much (I know, gross), and they start to smell kinda funky after a while, and you can't really wash them.

77. I watch too much TV.

78. I still have two baby teeth. I have to get them pulled sooner or later.

79. It always weirds me out that this number is prime.

80. I can kind count by prime numbers.

81. I love talking about my work.

82. I worry too much sometimes.

83. Large dogs scare me.

84. I like cats, but I'm mildly allergic.

85. I can tell when it's going to rain or snow because I get a headache.

86. In the winter, I miss the rain a lot. Where I live, it's too cold to rain from November to April, pretty much.

87. I hate winter.

88. Bubblegum hurts my fillings.

89. I've had two or three (baby) teeth pulled. I think three... but I can't really remember. I do remember when I had to have two teeth pulled at once.

90. I'd rather have (baby) teeth pulled than get cavities filled. (My adult teeth I'd rather like to keep!)

91. I tweet way, way too much.

92. I was born in 1992.

93. I totally have an Edward Cullen pillowcase.

94. I have bad knees.

95. There's a line in my forehead that doesn't go away. It's been there since I can remember. It annoys me.

96. I've tried to make this number dirty, but no matter how you look at it, no one's really having fun with this one.

97. I'm allergic to wool.

98. I'm running out of ideas for this.

99. I jitter a lot, and I play with strings on my clothes, buttons, hems, that kind of thing, when I'm thinking or on the computer and not paying attention to what I'm doing. And last

100. I finished my first round of revisions on Berserk.

Peace and cookies,