Saturday, March 26, 2011

April 14th

Or: Saturday has plans

April 14th will be exactly 2 months since I finished Berserk. Which means I shall have taken enough time to read my little heart out (trying to wrangle Mount TBR is scary at times) and not having a WIP will begin to drive me INSANE.

But I am taking a break. On purpose. Like a vacation. On purpose. Why?

Because I wrote pretty much constantly from June to March and I’m exhausted. For nine months, I’ve had someone talking in my head almost all the time. (Hey, that’s pregnancy long!! Wow, that was random. I’m not pregnant. I had someone think I was once, though, because I read an OMGFact that said how many red blood cells a person produces in a day and I tweeted it, along with that I grew a skeleton in a cup, only I left out the cup part. Anyways. I’m indenting now because white space is good.)

Three MCs, to be exact, which SHOULD even out to one every three months… except it doesn’t… because I’m nuts. One of those MCs I didn’t connect with, but the other two were LOUD.

Since July last year, I’ve also been revising. That’s been going on for… ages. Which means I sometimes have multiple voices in my head. Including one that makes me ever so slightly depressed. (Character has a not-so-great frame of mind. Wears off on me. I know, I’m weird.)

Basically I was going batty when I finished Berserk. I always take a little time off to let something rest before I revise, but I decided that I wouldn’t start another WIP until 2 months after I had finished this one. I’ve read three novels (not that many, I know, but I wasted a lot of time on the internet, too) and it feels nice to just relax and not be killing myself drafting. (Remember, I’m insane when I draft.) I don’t believe that whole, “write everyday” thing works for everyone. Me in particular. :P

On April 14th, I WILL start my new WIP. But it’s *snicker* currently in the closet. (Hi, Ashy! Hi, Kait!) And I am enjoying the time off. For the next three weeks, I am going to read my heart out, write a ton of blog posts, and just enjoy the freedom.

This post had more of a point, but it’s 10pm and I’ve been up since 8am, and I’m kind of buzzed on caffeine, so I’ll just ask – do you guys take writing breaks?

Peace and cookies,

(Oh my gosh. I totally had this written on THURSDAY. But I forgot to post it. *eyeroll* Wow, I'm dumb.)