Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TV Stories

A while ago I did a post about movies, and how, at some point, they were also written by writers. Well, then, that goes for TV shows too, right? Those characters, while ultimately portrayed by actors, were once words on paper. Let me share some of my favorite words-->actors-->characters results:
  • Tony Dinozzo, NCIS. Honestly. DiNozzo's scenes are my favorite parts of my favorite show. His sense of humor (dialogue! written by writers!) balances the show perfectly.
  • Brennan, Bones. She has my dream job, solving crimes and writing best-selling novels about them. Plus, her cynicism goes wonderfully with her wide-eyed this is totally scientific expression.
  • John Casey, Chuck. Political extremism aside, Casey's growl and untouchable grizzly manner makes for some good shows.
  • Richard Castle, Castle. Another writer who solves crime--except in Castle's case, he does it with a Peter Pan refuse-to-grow-up attitude (and, recently a hint of seriousness, whoa).
  • Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Kick-butt, witty, and managed to snag Angel (not to mention routinely stabbing pointy pieces of wood through the undead), she's a winner.
Who are your favorite words-->actor-->character results?