Tuesday, March 29, 2011


How was my weekend? Crazy. Very crazy. But mostly, awesome. Why? Because I attended the GLVWG annual Write Stuff Conference for the third year in a row and, as usual, had a blast.

Often, at an author event, I'll be asked, "Do you have any advice for other writers?" (By the way, when people ask me for advice, it makes me very happy. Thank you people who ask me for advice. I'm full of it. ;) And often I'll include in my reply, "Go to conferences!"

Conferences are great for reasons:
1) Lots of writers! In the same vicinity!
2) Authors and other veterans of the writing world! Leading workshops and sessions about WRITING!
3) Conferences are totally inspirational. You'd think after an evening and another day full of writing talk I'd want to go home and not look at another word until school Monday, right? Wrong. As soon as I was back on my own computer I was writing.

There are many more reasons, but just those three should be enough to have you bouncing in your (hopefully comfortable) desk chair in excitement, assuming you're the writerly (or even readerly) type. Which, if you're reading this, I shall assume you are.

[Also, I visited Parkland High School and Orefield Middle School Friday, which was also FUN. Secret: I wore heels. And felt very tall.]