Friday, June 3, 2011

Deadlines and Writing Months.

I don't usually set deadlines. I have absolutely no willpower so even if I do set a deadline, most of the time I end up dismissing it as it passes. I'm talking about deadlines today because I'm on one right now. I'm competing with one of my critique partners to see who can write their book (1) the fastest and (2) by June 17th. Even with this challenge, I am still procrastinating so much with writing. That could be because all I've been doing is schoolwork (school for me was officially over Wednesday, so I'm good to go now) but it is also probably because any time I have something to do, I procrastinate with it.

Despite my unwillingness to succumb to the restrictions of book deadlines (that will be fun if I ever become a published author... *insert sarcasm here*). I do believe in deadlines, I think that they can help you plan out a book really well even if you get behind like I do.

Now on to the second part of the post. Writing Months are like NaNoWriMo, and there is one this summer. The people who run NaNoWriMo (the National Novel Writing Month in November) have decided to host a summer NaNo. NaNo is the main reason I want to finish my WIP by June 17th. The problem with starting NaNo writing after finishing a book is that I'm planning one thing while writing another. So now I have two story ideas looming around my brain.

I don't know, I suppose the point of this whole post is to talk about deadlines. Deadlines are good and they help plan out novels so that you can move on fluidly.

*I know this post is totally random, but it is late. *