Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Writing believable characters is important--you want to know them like one of your friends, and you want your readers to know them just as well. Therefore, it's a struggle to not overload on the details. I could go on for about three pages about each of my characters without pausing, but putting that much detail (at least at once) in a story is a bit overwhelming. Well, probably more than a bit. This is leading up to, with so much to describe, how important is clothing?

In Rain I threw in details about Mel's outfits because it was important to her character as a practical, girl-world-challenged spy. In Flawless Ruins I describe a fair number of dresses because it's part of the world Morgan lives in. In my current story, I always note the way one character dresses the same each day, because that will play into the story later. That one character isn't the main character, though. I don't think my main character really has a distinctive style, and noting what she wears the same way I note the other character would seem superfluous.

How much do you describe the outfits/style of your characters? How important do you think it is to the story?


(Personally, I like these spy outfits. Anyone else watch this show when they were little?)