Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Needs a Little Magic

Or: Why I write what I write.

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Okay, so. You might have noticed that whenever I talk about the books I've written, usually they're paranormal or urban fantasy or something along those lines. Whatever you want to call it, I write about magic and things that go bump in the night.

The reason? Because... well, to me there's magic in stories about this, and for me, the possibilities are endless. Think fairy tales. Let's take the story of Cinderella. We all know that one, right? Girl abused by wicked stepmother and stepsisters, not allowed to go to the ball, insert fairy godmother. Fairy godmother turns mice into horses and horse into footman. (Because that's logical. Don't make the horse prettier or anything. It's totally easier to make a NEW horse.) Girl goes to ball, girl dances with hot hot prince, girl is very happy. Midnight hit, girl runs, loses glass slipper. Prince later uses slipper to find girl. Girl and prince live happily every after.

That's a pretty cool story in my opinion to start with. (Shut up. I have a romantic heart. Shut up.) Then as a writer, as far as I'm concerned, you have the right to mess. things. up. as much as you want.

Think about this. What if Cinderella didn't love the prince? What if she was in love with a stable boy? What if the story went more like this:

Girl's stepsisters and mother treat her fine but are cold and distant. Girl spends more time in the stables than in her house after her father's death. She develops feelings for the stable boy who tends their horses but she's too shy to talk to him.

One day, her stepmother and stepsister get an invitation to a ball. Girl isn't invited but she doesn't really care. The night of the ball, she casually mentions it to the stable boy. Stable boy has been hearing about about this for weeks from all five of his sisters (he comes from a very large family). He's seriously sick of hearing about princes and dresses and things, so he snaps at her that he doesn't give a darn about the prince or his ball and if she cares that much, she should just marry the prince herself.

Girl runs away into the garden, crying because she thinks stable boy doesn't like her at all and it kinda ruined her day. Suddenly, a woman appears. She talks a million miles an hour and poor Cindy can't get a word in edgewise. The woman claims to be her fairy godmother and before our girl can tell her she doesn't want to go to the ball, Cindy's in a big poofy dress, glass slippers and she's a horse-drawn pumpkin carriage on her way to the ball.

To her surprise, the prince asks her to dance. And he's handsome and kind and he looks at Cindy like she's the prettiest thing he's ever seen. She's swept off her feet.

Right until midnight. Then she runs, losing one of the glass shoes. When she gets home, the stable boy is waiting. He apologizes and, suddenly, kisses her.

The next day, she's floatin on the happiness of the kiss when suddenly the prince shows up with her slipper. It's, of course, a magic slipper, so it only fits her foot.

Now what does she choose?

(End rambling story.)

I rambled like crazy in this, but you get my point, right? I write about unreal things because I love the magic.

What do you guys write? What's your favourite part? What draws you into what you read?

Peace and cookies,

(Also. It's 11:57. It's still Saturday! It counts.)