Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Hopes to Help

Hey, I’m Jewels, and I’ll be posting on Thursdays. My blog is My Amazing Writing Blog (Not). I haven’t posted there in awhile, but I’m planning on blogging more often if you want to keep a look out. Sorry for the lateness of my post. Holidays got in the way, but better late than never right? I know y’all probably weren’t sitting at the seat of your chair dying to read what I have to say, but I really hope you give me a chance. I hope that one of y’all will read something I post and go “oh yeah!”, “that’s exactly what I needed to read”, “I never thought of it that way” or whatever. I really hope that I can help someone in their journey through writing even if I play one of the most insignificant parts.

I love YA literature. YA literature made me fall in love with reading and eventually writing again. I used to write all the time as a kid (which will never see the light of day), but overtime life got in the way, and I sorta lost the passion. I hated reading as a kid though. I had to lie on my reading logs, but *sound the trumpets* then I read the Harry Potter books. I fell in love with J.K. Rowling’s writing like almost every other sensible person in the world. After that, I read like crazy. The more I read the more I wanted to write again. Now I’m constantly reading or writing (though not as much as I wish would).

Though there are some days, I really wish I didn’t have a writer’s brain (i.e. during a test, church, etc). I swear my mind waits for the most inconvenient times to give me an amazing idea. It’s times like that I wish I had something attached to my brain to type my every thought… then again scratch that. Bad idea. A writer’s brain is a scary place.

I don’t know really what else to say, so I’m gonna list some random facts/ quirks about me.

1. I tend to accidentally hit the CAPS LOCK key when I try to hit A.
2. I type with all my fingers except for the pinkie which is the reason for number 1
3. After I read historical fiction, I suddenly have the urge to speak in a posh British accent and act like I would if I lived during that time.
4. I sometimes say well instead of good even if good is grammatically correct
5. I prefer to write companion novels instead of sequels
6. I develop my secondary characters more realistically than my main characters (because I’m scared if I make my main characters too developed that they would become unlikable)which is the reason for number 5
7. One look at my book playlists will tell you exactly what artist I was obsessed with that day. I’ll have ten Taylor Swift songs on one, but none on another playlist. My music taste tends to change everyday
8. I have a fear that someone will see all the baby naming sites I use for writing and get the wrong idea.
9. I have a really bad habit of switching verb tenses.
10. One day, I hope that I’ll write something amazing.