Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday is Different and Short on Humor

Or humour, as Laina says.

Ah, look, this blog I am part of... that I have not written a post for in quite a while. I apologize for that. Wednesdays were just not working out for me, and somehow when it gets to be the last semester of school, time mysteriously disappears and I become incredibly unproductive.

Anyways, I've been on spring break this week! But, today I had work and then I napped and went to a movie. Which is why this is late. BUT ANYWAYS. This is KT. I used to be Wednesday. Now I am Friday. Wednesday will be filled again by a NEW MEMBER. So... send your posts in!! We definitely need some new, awesome members in here :)

Now. To my actual topic. Humor. I don't consider myself an extremely funny person. I'm not very outgoing, not great at telling jokes, and what I find funny, some people just think as weird.

But somehow, I've managed to write some lines in books or stories that people find funny. Though I might mean 'people' as my brother, who is easily amused. But most of these things that I've written that are found funny, are things I haven't forced. And I think that's key in a lot of humor. Forced humor, I believe, is the worst kind of humor. Especially forced vulgar humor. Which is found in A LOT of comedies these day.

Humor should come from being relaxed. You can't really set something up and be like "This is going to be funny. And you will laugh. Mwahaha." It has to be relaxed, so that whatever is supposed to be humorous is unexpected.

So. Do you guys put a lot of humor in your books? Do you think it's funny, or do others tell you it is?