Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Wonders

There are a lot of controversies in the writing world.
• To love triangle or not to love triangle
• To write for characters or to write for plot
• To plan or to sit on the seat of your pants
• To discuss sex, alcohol, and drug in YA or not to discuss sex, alcohol, and drug in YA
• To censor our writing or to say whatever flows

Personally one thing I think should be discussed more is “to create a likable character from the beginning or to create a fuller character arc”. Actually, I don’t know if this is discussed at all. I’ve never seen anything about it before which perplexes me.

Everyone says: start your story with something to make your character more likable
Everyone says: there must be a character arc or what’s the point

My WIP starts with my MC trying to kill someone. Personally, for the well being of society, I really hope many people don’t relate to wanting to kill someone. Spoiler: she does over time grow and learn to accept what’s happened to her life

This chapter was difficult for me because I didn’t want to over ride future reader with depressing thoughts that could make the reader feel distant, but I also didn’t want to make her seem like a warm and fuzzy person that people automatically relate to and risk not having a full character arc.

In the end, I had to decide whether I wanted the chapter to lean more towards character arc or a relatable character beginning.

I choose character arc because that is one of the big things about my MC. I want my future readers to see her grow.

The thing I learned that balanced the two sides out for me was adding in part of one of my subplots (a romantic subplot ;)) that makes my MC relatable. Maybe this was a “no duh” kinda thing, but this took me forever to do well.

What do you think is more important: character arc or relatable character beginnings? Do you have trouble with this? Do you think this should be discussed more in general?

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