Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Announces SOMETHING

I find it slightly amusing that almost all of us didn't post last week! Oops.

And I'm late to the game, once again. At least it is still Friday this time!

Well, I was going to announce this last Friday, but I wasn't home. So! Here it is!

I AM OFFICIALLY WRITING A NEW BOOK! I'm almost 13k in right now. *dances* If you follow my twitter, you've probably known that for a while now.

So. New book. Kind of scary. It's scary for several reasons. It's a sci fi. I have never written a sci fi. It's also in present tense.  I sometimes write short stories in present tense, but never an entire book. I keep slipping into past, or having trouble making the present tense sound right. But that's what revising is for, right?

A little about the book, then? As I said, it's a sci fi--in this case, a sci fi as in it takes in the future on a spaceship. My protagonist is a seventeen year old girl named Alexandra (Alex for short) who is a boxer and an aspiring pilot. I'm awful at describing my books, so I'm going to leave it at that!

Oh, it's also untitled. Which bothers me. Lots.

In other news, I have a beautiful idea for the book I want to write after this one. And it's based on this song -

Pretty, right?