Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Goes Shopping

Excuses to use that gif.

Um, get ready for more pictures in this post! XD Also, I'm sharing some of my, er, artwork with you. Please don't laugh.

I realized today, while thinking about how I wanted to go shopping, that none of us really touched much on the clothing worn in our settings. And clothing can be a really good give-away of the setting, and it also says something about the character--because, as we all know, clothing and fashion can be very imaginative and shows a bit of what our personality is (see, Lady Gaga). 

In my epic fantasy, the setting shifts a little bit. In the beginning, it takes place in a desert in a different time (and world, obviously). They tend to wear really loose clothing that's more colorful than cities (think medieval times). I picture the girls wearing bands around their chests and short-like undie things (I'm so good at describing this, aren't I?), and then something similar to a sari or wrap, but more translucent/smaller. Like this *cringes*

In this case, it gives more towards the setting. And when they're not in the desert, they wear more traditional medieval-y clothes you would think of (girls have corsets and skirts and galore). Which, once again, adds to the setting.

On the other hand, my contemporary, Society Road, I feel the clothes give more away about personality. My protagonist, Ember, can be very girly and she loves pink. She likes skirts and socks and scarves (basically all those 'S' clothing items XD). A lot of times, though, she tends to go with more neutral colors, though. 
For a large part of that book, though, Ember wears one outfit. Which is a black turtleneck top, a pink skirt, and black tights. Which looks like this... *cringes again*

And then in my sci fi I'm trying to write right now, the clothing can tell about both the setting and the personality of my characters. Alex really likes bright colors and fun things, but their clothes are very minimalistic. They're tight fitting and uniform. Star Trek like, you know? 
And I have no picture for this part ;)

So there we go. Clothes. I think they're really fun to think about in terms of a character's likes or what goes with the setting. This may also be because I like to DRAW them, but still, fun!

What kind of clothes do your characters wear?