Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday on the Books She Doesn't Write

Or: There Are A Lot of Voices in My Heads

You're probably all sick of hearing about my revisions and stuff by now so I thought I'd talk about something else.

(Just to recap for those of you who are new around here) I have three books that are written. One has been polished and revised a lot more than the others because it's older. One of the other two is my next/current revising project and one I'm waiting on feedback for because holy heck I don't know what to do with it.

I have two things I'm playing with that might be my next drafting project when I get to that stage. KT posted about new books yesterday and since she's actually writing hers, her post is a lot more exciting them mine where I vaguely mumble about snakebites and circuses and cute boys. (There are always cute boys in my books. And kissing. Even my short stories have kissing. Which says a lot about me considering one of them is about zombies.)

Also I'm kind of superstitious about talking about books that haven't been written. My crit partners only know a little bit about them, really, and I've only let them read one thing mostly because I was sorta shocked I had written it. Books that aren't written yet can change too much too quickly and I'm always afraid talking about them will jinx them. Eventually, though, I'm pretty sure those will get written.

However there are books I don't write. I don't write sequels, to start with, because that road (for me) leads to heartache and pain and so we just don't go there because that is a bad place to go. Bad bad bad bad place. (Trust me. Bad. Heartache. Pain. Five million binders hidden in strange and unusual places that you only remember about when you need a new binder for a WIP and don't want to buy one and then you spend a full day reading the awful awful things you wrote years ago.) (Not that I did that or anything.)

And there are others. Right now... it's my superhero book. Mostly because it's not ready to be written. I think when, eventually, I write it, I will love it lots and it'll be... well, I'm not gonna say awesome because that's just not happening. I think it'll be a challenge. I think I would adore the characters and the world and just about everything in it.

I know that it isn't ready to be written. I adore the pieces of it I've written (hey, this is how I work, run with it) but I know that it isn't ready to be plotted and drafted and, well, written yet. (I also feel like it wouldn't be a very good standalone and, well, see above about the heartache and pain of sequels.) It's a one-day book. For now, that's okay.

So what books do you guys NOT write? What are your reasons?

Peace and cookies,