Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday is Alive, but UNPREPARED


In case I've been away for too long, I'm KT and I blog on Fridays.

Well, I did. *ashamedly walks away* I do apologize for my absence. I never expected my summer to be this busy on Fridays O.O. Nor did I expect to NOT spend all my time online. Rest assured, though, the school year is beginning and I will be online a lot more ;)

So. Yes. I leave for college on Sunday. COOOOLLLLLLLLEGE. I'm terrified, hence the 'unprepared' part of my title.

In writing news... well, I'm still revising Society Road. Just about finished, though! I'll definitely finish it before I go off to school. And then I'm not quite sure what to do... I don't have something I want to revise after this, but I don't know if I want to start a novel right before NaNo. Especially with it being my first couple weeks at school.

Ah well. I'll go with the flow. That's what I do when it comes to writing, really XD

I don't have much to come back with right now, really, but to get back in the swing of blogging, I guess I'll try and make up for a post I missed. As you all know, we just had the blog's anniversary and there were a couple posts devoted to that, so here is what I have to say in regards to that...

Well, two years ago... I was sixteen and had just moved from Connecticut to Illinois (where did the time go...?). I was very passionate about writing and was in the middle of revising a book I'd been working on since 2008. I didn't know anybody on the online writing world, and I had just begun a blog.

I was very much a newbie, and still am ^^.

As of right now, I can say I'm much happier than I was two years ago. Happier with the people around me and definitely happier with my writing (well, in most cases). The book I was revising two years ago is in shambles and I really have no current interest in fixing it right now except for the occasional pang I feel of abandoning the characters I still love.

I've written two and a half more books... that I love and are much stronger than what I was writing in the past.

As of right now, I just left my first job at the library, and it's definitely influenced me and my dreams. I miss it very much and I pretty much just want to work at a library from now on XD

It's like we're going through all the tenses!

For the future... well, I'm looking forward to Nano and churning out another book. I'm hoping to carry on writing another book outside of November, because I haven't managed to do that really in the past year. Sort of.

I also definitely want to get a manuscript ready to query. Soon, hopefully. I think that's really my main goal within the next year.

And college. Having a great year at college is one, too :)

Well, this was a bit longer than my usual post, but since I've been away, I think that's a good thing!