Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday on location, location, location.

I am currently writing this while sitting cross-legged in the middle of my carpet, facing my bulletin board and using my pillow pet that Katie claims is a snowy owl but looks more like a hedgehog (if you ask me) as a desk. (Hedgehogs, FYI, are not preferable to snowy owls. Hedgehogs are scary.)

I point this out because usually I write at my desk, where my laptop hooks up to a monitor and a keyboard (so this keyboard feels strange, actually). Also to provide a little insight as to why my tailbone is currently killing me.

Murderous tailbone aside, though, this was a really good move on my part. The new perspective (literally) has increased my college-essay productivity by 304% (to use a general estimation). I think lately when I sit at my desk I settle into a mindset predisposed to procrastination. It's not a conscious decision, it's just something about that corner of the room that has, over time, turned into an escape rather than a focus point.

I may have to rearrange my furniture soon.

Anyway, I bring this up as advice of the motivational sort--if you're feeling blocked, get up and move. If you don't have a laptop, grab a notebook. Choose a chair in your living room and curl up there for a while. Flop on the floor in your basement. Perch on a pile of laundry. And if, for some reason that isn't possible, at least change your desktop wallpaper or write on a different type of paper (wide vs. college ruled, different size, etc.) Let a new perspective inspire you.

(I swear that alliteration was only 5% on purpose.)

Happy Tuesday!


PS -- I'm now on tumblr!