Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday on Audience

Do you write for yourself, or do you write for others?

Trick question--you probably do both.

Personally, my ultimate audience usually falls into the "for others" category. But I do plenty of "for myself" writing along the way. For example, storyboarding. When I storyboard I just blurt out strings of punctuation-less, grammar-less word jumbles that make sense to me because they trigger memories of writing them.

For example, a snippet of a storyboard from a short piece I wrote a few years ago:
@ drew k&k collaborate abt subjects note not much was exceptional about them except absent during lunch…
k&k just making up doesn’t seem real when seven comes in
seven informs them that she found location but not names
k&k make plans on when to talk to subs seven vetoes plans saying more time to scope out the situation and get into the group
K&k like         okay more observing   ......
(Just reading that again is making me laugh.)

But, see, I wrote it for myself, my eyes only. I had to transform it into something people would actually understand in order to make it acceptable in the "for others" category. It looked way different when I was done.

And that's okay! My point is, there are different stages. Writing is meant as a medium to convey an idea, a story, an emotion, whatever--and if you're just writing for, well, you, then there's no reason to use punctuation or capital letters.

Just thought I'd share that little revelation.

Happy Tuesday!