Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday Hopes Her Parents Never Read This

Since the new year started, I have been writing 100 words a day. I know it's not a huge word count, but it's small enough that I can do it everyday in a few minutes and still have time for homework.
In my current scene, my MC is recounting how she lost her V card (which is for thematic purposes) in first person. I really like this scene because it's so funny and awkward. Not the all consuming sex in most YA.
It's hard writing this scene because I keep thinking what if I die and my parents read my WIP and think it's a diary. This scene is no way erotica but still. Not exactly something I'm showing my whole family.
Some things are just things that are awkward to show the people you know. It's like telling the guy that sits next to you in math that you barely know about how you are on your period. It's awkward.
After that moment they may change their opinion of you. At least strangers don't know you well enough to look at you differently.
This kinda goes with what I said last week about telling people you don't know over people you do know.
Anyways this scene is very awkward, but I definitely wanna keep it.
Do you ever write anything that you hope your parents never read?