Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Has No Ideas

Or: An Interview of Saturday by Wednesday

KT: Do you like llamas?
Me: Yes, they are very cute. Although probably not as much as you because I don't think it's possible to like llamas as much as you do.

KT: What inspires you?
Me: Somedays, everything. Dreams, pictures, movies, other books. Somedays, nothing. It just depends, yanno? But ideas for my books, or things that happen in them, they've come from everywhere. I once got an idea for a scene doing dishes.

KT: Do you have a favourite book you've written?
Me: All but the one I'm working on. I never love the one I'm writing as I write it XD I love Spyder because it was the first book I read that I felt like it was good enough to actually go somewhere with it. Berserk... I have a special place in my heart. SMN sometimes feels like the easiest one for me to write and I love the characters.

That was a hard question. Like picking a favourite child :P

KT: Do you have any music you CAN'T write to?
Me: LOTS. It just depends on the scene I'm writing. It's really hard for me to write a sad scene to Ke$ha or a makeout scene to a "I-hate-you-and-wish-you-were-dead" song. Like I said, depends.

KT: Do you ever think you'll stop writing?
Me: For ever? I hope not. And I don't think so. I think I'll have the itch and the need to write forever. I really hope I will. I don't want to lose that. It's such a part of myself and it has been for over eight years. It's who I am, you know?

KT: WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE PERSON? (Her capitals, not mine. Also her spelling, not mine. Everyone knows it's supposed to be favourite, but she's silly.)
Me: You ;)

KT: What do you think is the most important thing to do when you're just beginning to write?
Me: Read and write. The more you do those, the better you'll get. Don't rush into things. Do your research before you do anything. Read and write more.

Okay, KT is out of questions and I'm out of ideas so I'm gonna end this here. Sorry this isn't the best post I've ever done but I'm a bit brain-dead. Hopefully you guys liked this at least a bit.

Peace and cookies,