Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Lacks Inspiration.

This past week I was assigned to write a short story in my creative writing class.

I was VERY excited because we haven't done any truly creative stuff yet, and I like writing short pieces occasionally. However, as soon as i got the assignment, *POOF* Writer's Block appeared. And he was vehement.

We had two days in class to work on the story, both of which I spent staring at the computer screen, wondering what the heck to write. And I asked for suggestions on twitter, and thought more on it at home. Nothing anybody said, nothing I though, gave me one spark of an idea. Last night at 1 AM, realizing the rough draft was due today, I picked out a piece I wrote a year ago that no one's read and revised to fit more so with the assignment.

Yes, that's kind of cheating, but I wrote it and it's a short story and it worked. (Stop judging me. VEHEMENT. WRITER'S BLOCK WAS VEHEMENT).

While it was a short assignment and in the scheme of life, not overly important, it was one of the strongest cases of writer's block I've had. Usually I have ways of getting out of it. Music. Automatic writing. Reading others' work.

But nothing worked. Not even my "Let me just start writing and whatever happens, happens." That's my fix for EVERYTHING. That's even how I've started writing WIPs (Total pantser here, guys).

Unfortunately, I still have no ideas and that story has been peer reviewed, so I have to continue to use it and mold it for the assignment, but I hope that this writer's block won't continue. Because writer's block for class work is the worst seeing as they have a deadline and a grade.

What about you guys? What's the worst case you've ever gotten?