Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Has A Rough Week

Or: On bad days.

February hasn't really been so kind to me. Not the whole Valentine's Day (I spent it watching movies with my best friend, Miss Wednesday) but the month has been a bit... blah. I've been having some issues with my eyes and between that and not sleeping well, I've been having headaches like every other day. Earlier in this month, I spent two days cleaning my entire house top to bottom because there was an inspection and I'd gotten the date wrong in my head which... well, let's just say, I'm not fond of cleaning at the best of time, let alone when it's not my idea :P

All that isn't normally a big deal but for some reason, the words haven't been coming lately and that is FRUSTRATING. They've been as slow as loading flash games on dial-up. I sit down to write and... there aren't words there. So I stare at my word document and type a word. Then I stare some more and type another word. Stare some more and type another word. Then I get frustrated and bored because I'm not DOING anything and I go stare at We Heart It. Then I feel like this:
I've been averaging maybe two hundred words a day. And there's nothing wrong with that, if that's a good word count for you.

But it's driving me CRAZY. I've been working on this thing since December and it's barely 13,000 words. It's FEBRUARY. I wrote a 60k book in 34 days! (Readers, meet Saturday's Unreasonable Expectations For Herself.) I just... I really want to finish this thing, even if it's going to be short (it's going to be short). I want to read (I can't while I'm drafting or all the voices in my head make me go batty) and I want to read my last two months' Elle Canada magazines (they're my bribe for finishing it) and I just really want to be done it.

So today I'm trying a change of location (living room instead of my bedroom) in the hopes that might make things happen more and I'm spending the rest of today writing. Hopefully.

What are you spending today doing?

Peace and cookies,