Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday is a Therapist.

(FIRST. I apologize for missing last week. It's been a rough February. SECOND. This is late today because I had a meeting and then work after school)

People have said it before, and I'll say it again.

Writing is therapeutic.

Not in the "OH I AM SO MENTALLY DISTRAUGHT; WRITING WILL CURE ALL MY PROBLEMS" way, but writing is a form of self-expression, and so it can be therapeutic in the sense of subtly expressing your emotions.

Obviously it's hard to express anger or depression when writing a scene in a novel or a longer story because it may not fit in with the other scenes and style of writing you're using for that novel. But sometimes straying from your norm and writing a piece of flash fiction, a poem, or a stream of consciousness-like piece, may help to let out what you're feeling.

Or I suppose you could write a journal or diary entry. I'm not much of a journal person because I hate writing about myself or my life, so I usually take the other routes I mentioned above.

I think a lot of what I'm saying is common sense and it's already been said before, but yesterday I was very angry and I wrote a poem and it does really help sometimes. I was still angry and upset after I wrote it, but I did get something out. Instead of doing something damaging with strong emotions, it's good to do something creative and productive.

Does anyone else use writing therapeutically like I do? What kind of stuff do you write?