Monday, July 26, 2010

The First Introduction Post

There's one thing that I've always been bad at - introductions. I'm good with talking about myself but I'm never sure where to start with introductions. But, here goes...

Hi, I'm Harmony. I'm fifteen, almost sixteen, and have been writing seriously since I was in fourth grade. I used to pretend I was sick so I could stay home and write. In sixth grade, I bought the Writer's Market, took it to school, and spent any free moment highlighting potential agents.

Then I realized writing and getting published weren't quite as easy as I originally thought.

Fast forward six years and here I am reviewing books, running a book organization, and, of course, writing. Fortunately, I cyber-school so I don't have to fake sick anymore to write.

So far, I've finished two rough drafts - one very suckish vampire book that will never see the light of day again, and one contemporary YA that I may or may not bring out to revise. I'm currently splitting my time between two works-in-progresses - Untitled and Untitled 2. I don't talk about my WIPs much while I'm writing them because I'm superstitious about killing my ideas but I will say that Untitled 2 is very light and fun and Untitled is...well, not. I'll tell you more about them as I get farther along.

See you next Monday!