Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The second introductory post!

Hey all, this is Tuesday speaking.

Actually, my name is Kieryn. I'll just be posting on Tuesdays. Which makes me introduction #2, doesn't it?

In list form, there are fourteen things you might find interesting about me.
  1. My YA spy novel, Rain, is published by Quake, a division of Echelon press, which means that
  2. I'm a published author!!!! and
  3. I've done cool things like library talks and school visits and book festivals,
  4. all while juggling homework and friends and lack of sleep because
  5. I'm fifteen and in high school,
  6. and I also take Taekwondo
  7. (which I originally started as research for Rain)
  8. and I like to swingdance and eat chocolate
  9. (not necessarily at the same time)
  10. and go on trips, like Caribbean cruises, and hopefully to Australia soon,
  11. plus I'm going to do a half marathon in Disney with Team in Training for my sweet 16
  12. and I'll be fund raising for that while doing all my school and author stuff (like blogging and twitter and facebook--like watching the Rain fan page!--and my website)
  13. so I have to look hard for time to work on my 11+ works-in-progress
  14. and I am a total marching band groupie because almost all my friends are in our school's band.
Also, unless there's a good reason, such as school or a trip to the Caribbean or a pressing story idea (like today), there is no way I'm ever up this early.

Looking forward to blogging on YA Lit Six!