Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hi, I'm Kelsey

Miss Thursday here. I hope that throughout my posts on this blog, I can learn and help learn. Wow, that sounds so sappy, but it’s true. I’m Kelsey Sutton. 18-year-old writer and constant dreamer. Like the others girls on this blog, I’ve been writing and reading my entire life. I focus mostly on young adult fiction, but I do enjoy classics and biographies on occasion.

So far I’ve completed three novels. One of which I’m seeking representation for. One very horrible vampire novel I wrote when I was younger (Is there a theme here, Harmony?), one suspense, and one fantasy. I’m always working on something, and I’m always working on my voice and my style. It’s a vicious cycle.

What else… I suppose I should give credit to some of my life experiences. There’s aspects in my writing that I get from what’s actually happened to me. (But if you ever get a sample of my writing, please don’t think that I’ve been kidnapped or turned into a vampire). I grew up in Minnesota. Yes, the cold state. When I was 16 I was a nomad, moving from place to place. My adventures took me all the way out to California. I only stayed there a short time and eventually returned back to good old Minnesota.

Family-wise, I have a mom and a little sister. I see them once in a while, and it’s always fun. Career-wise, that’s nomadic, too. I’ve done everything from working at McDonald’s to being a housekeeper at an Inn to training dogs to working at a desk. Predictably, writing has been the only passion that stuck. It’s a pastime, it’s an escape, and it’s a way of life.

I love chocolate and music. I have a small Pomeranian, Louie, who stays glued to my side even if we’re going to the bank or the grocery store. People bend the rules for him because he’s so stinkin’ cute. I watch way too much television, read incessantly, and am always over-thinking things.

Well, that’s about it for my introduction. Check back every Thursday to hear from me. (And all the other days too, of course. These girls are just so full of wisdom and advice to partake and you won’t want to miss anything.) I have a blog of my own, so if you ever have an extra time on your hands, feel free to check that out, too. Also, I'm always looking to meet new people on Twitter.