Monday, August 23, 2010

Critiques from Others

Okay, another super-short post from me because I'm still completely worn out from PAYA and can't form many coherent sentences in a row. (I promise a nice, long post next week!)

Since PAYA is over and school doesn't start for a while, I've decided I'm taking these next two weeks to dive in and finally critique the few manuscripts I've been saying I'll critique for months now. Personally, I LOVE critiquing. It's one of my favorite aspects of non-writing that improves my writing. I've yet to let anyone critique any of my things because it's just not ready so before I dive in, I wanted to get some other opinions:

What type of critique do you find most helpful? What isn't helpful? Is there anything specific you love when critique partners do? What type of comments do you want to receive? Any other thoughts/opinions/comments on receiving critiques?

Until next Monday,