Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sucking Your Brains Out Your Nose With a Straw

Or: Saturday's going a little nutty.

You guys know how in ancient Egypt they used to make mummies out of people? And how they’d put all the organs in jars? Do you know how they did the brain? They’d take this big wooden hook thing and stick it up the person’s nose. Then they'd stir things around up there until they got all soupy and liquidy, and drain their brains out their nostrils.

What? You didn’t need to know that? Oh… sorry.

But the thing is, that’s kinda what revising feels like, at least to me. It’s slow and not very fun and tweeting that you took 50 words out of a scene and added 3 isn’t nearly as much fun as tweeting that you wrote 1500 words*… but it’s worth it at the same time.

If you’re like me, revising makes things better. Revising is where you add in things like Rock ’Em Sock ’Em Robots and try to cut out as many f-words as you can because even though you don’t swear, a certain character has a mouth like a truck driver, and where you die laughing because you gave another character three hands in one scene and yet he wasn’t driving with any of them.

So that’s what I’m doing right now. (Well, technically I’m playing Café World and poking at this post, but you know what I mean**.) I’m revising like crazy, and actually (gasp!) letting people read what I’ve written to get less biased opinions about what works and what doesn’t… and revising some more. And I suspect that I’ll revise for longer than I wrote (somehow, I managed to write 63K novel in like a month and a half – this from the girl who took six months to write 42K), but it’s worth it.

If my brain starts leaking out my nose, send sugar, okay?

Peace and cookies,

*Twitter is still really supportive and awesome whether you tweet about #amrevising or #amwriting, it just seems a tiny bit cooler to tweet about word counts than revising. For me, when I’m doing it, not really for anyone else.

**Also, I wrote this in advanced and scheduled it early, because today's my mom's birthday and I'm going to be gone all day. But wish her a happy birthday!