Monday, August 16, 2010

Inspiration from Books

(Just a short post from me today because PAYA is this weekend and I have 50 bazillion things to do before then.)

You know those books that, after you finish reading them, you just want to read them all over again? Or the books where you can't stop yourself from rereading your favorite parts again and again? Or the books that keep you up at night thinking about them? I love those books. They're the books that inspire me to write because I want to have that impact on a reader someday - keep them up at night just because they can't stop thinking about my book.

Whenever I get stuck, whenever I just don't want to write, I reread one of those books and I'm instantly reminded of why I write. There are 3 particular books I've done this over and over with.

Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken. This book is pure genius. I love it so much. It's the first fantasy I've read and enjoyed in years. And while I don't write much fantasy, there's so much I can take away from the book, like developing characters and romance and boys (NORTH!!!) as well as pacing.

Bloom by Elizabeth Scott is another one. I love all Elizabeth Scott books but this one particularly inspires me. It shows how you can have a character doing something we should all hate her for but still have readers love her. It's also a fabulous example of realistic YA that's not over-the-top romance or depressing. The romance is realistic, the boys are great, and it's just an example of a nearly perfect YA novel.

Unlike the other two, I've only read Ballads of Suburbia once. Yet it's also my all-time favorite book. It fits on this list because it reminds me of why I want to write. Ballads of Suburbia changed my life. I've never been so emotional over a book in my entire life. If I ever write something that has half the impact on a reader as Ballads had on me, I will die happy. Not only is Ballads a major inspiration because of that, it's also fabulously written and unique, again showing and teaching me what goes into writing an amazing book.

What about you? Are there any particular books that inspire YOU to write? What are they and why?