Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Perfect Notebook

Or: A small glimpse into Saturday's insanity.

(Warning: This post is probably going to be a wee bit long. I'm feeling chatty today. But there'll be pictures!! And no laughing at my lack of photography skills.)

My perfect notebook has a blue cover with flowers and fines and things.

The cover is the hard cardboard kind, not the softer paper kind. This is important because then I don't have to put a binder under it or anything and the pages tend to stay in those better, in my experience. The pages have both binder holes and that perforated edge thing so that when the pages are torn out, there isn't that ragged edge. And there are only two lines less than a normal piece of looseleaf. All in all, it's perfect. :D

And this is it:
Pretty normal looking, right? So why is it so perfect, you ask? (I'm pretending that you guys care about my rambling about a notebook and haven't fallen asleep out of boredom by now. Play along, okay?)

Well, for starters, I can write scenes or notes or lists (or even blog posts like this one). This is especially good with my WIP. I have a fair few scenes that I've written in this notebook and then put in the WIP's binder because it already has binder holes* and with that perforated page edge, there are no ragged edges which just looks messy and bugs the heck out of me. Then, I can move things around as much as I want, like if instead of Scene A, B, C in that order, I want to have Scene C, then Scene B and Scene A.

Oh, and as an added bonus, if I fall asleep writing in Le Notebook (this happens more than I care to admit) I don't accidently roll over on it and break the cover like with some binders, and it fits easier on the pillow that I rest the notebook on when I want to write lying down.

And the last reason it's perfect? Because it matches the WIP binder**. See?

This was kind of a weird coincidence thing. I bought the binder probably a year ago at Walmart and I used it for the first few scenes of my WIP because it was pretty. Then, a few weeks ago, I fought Le Notebook at my mom's story (which is not Walmart) and bought it because it matched, not knowing I'd like it so much.

But it's pretty normal for me to have a colour theme. My werewolf WIP's colour? Pink.

No, seriously. Pick yourself up off the floor now. (In case any of you don't know, I'm totally not a pink person. Blue and purple are my colours. But here's the evidence:

I wrote a ton of the werewolf WIP in the black and pink binder. The pink notebook was my go-to notebook at the time I was writing the werewolf WIP. There are a couple scenes from that in there and notes and such. Finally, the Jack Sparrow and Pooh Bear folders hold my first and second rounds of printed stuff. (No laughing at the Pooh Bear. I luffs him.)

See? Pink.

The really weird thing is that I rarely do this kind of thing on purpose. Honest, it just happens.

What about you guys? Do you have any sort of colour scheme for your writing? Or are you all looking at me like I'm insane because I still write longhand, too? (I also have a rotary phone, but no cell phone. And a pet dinosaur.)

Peace and cookies,

P.S. Oh, does anyone have questions for me? I wouldn't mind doing a sort of "Ask Saturday" post sooner or later.

*I don't like punching holes in paper after I've written on it. I get paranoid that I'll lose part of a word and it'll be THAT word that I need... plus I'm not entirely sure where my hole punch is. I live in organized chaos. :P

**Should I do a post about the flower Post-Its sticking out of my WIP binder? Are you guys curious about that?