Monday, September 27, 2010

Harmony Switches to MG and Attempts to Write a Book in 5 Days

As I mentioned earlier, I write YA and my two WIPs are YA. But, neither of them have really been going anywhere lately, mostly because I haven't spent much time on them, but when a new idea that just happens to be MG (middle-grade) popped into my head last week, I said, why not?

One thing I've learned about my writing style is that when I start writing a book, I have to WRITE it. I can't start writing it and then get busy and not work on it for a few days or weeks because it'll never go anywhere.

So I've come up with a crazy plan. A crazy plan that I'm probably going to fail at. But that's okay.

I'm going to start and finish the book in 5 days. Aka Monday through Friday. Since it's MG, I'm going to aim for 25k by the end of the week. That's pretty much the lowest possible acceptable MG word count but I'm also one of those writers that adds a LOT in the rewrites so I figure it's a pretty good goal.

That ends up being about 5k a day. Crazy, yes. Possible, I hope so.

Keep in mind that I cyber-school, so I'm not in school for 8 hours a day and I have the ability to work ahead on my lessons, which I did. There are a few days where I'll have to put in an hour or two of school work in the morning and I do have a few hour-long classes during the week but for the most part, I'll be able to write from about 8:30 until 3:30. Of course, I'm going to schedule in a few breaks and lunch because it's impossible for me to sit still that long.

I'm a little anxious to get started (I'm writing this Sunday afternoon) so I'm going to spend some time today outlining and brainstorming so I hopefully don't get stuck. This is definitely going to be an adventure!

(P.S. I'll be blogging about my process every evening at my review blog.)