Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Caught a Cold

Or: Saturday has no idea what to write in this post.

So maybe I'll just babble. I'm currently a few thousand words into a new WIP (work-in-progress) and it's hard. Let me tell you, I am not a glamorous writer. I whine on Twitter about my characters (dumb stubborn characters), I make fun of the names that Behind the Name's Random Name Generator comes up with... I had more, but the Nyquil is getting to me and I'm getting distracted.

Right now, though, my biggest problem is getting to know a new MC (main character). I spent a good two months in the head of someone whose voice was very strong. She had serious issues, hobbies almost as soon as I "met" her, had music preferences (she loves The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, likes Megan McCauley, loves Bat for Lashes and makes fun of Glee music but secretly loves the cover of Total Eclipse of the Heart - no, seriously), and was like a fully developed person by a few hundred words in.

In this WIP, the character is slower to let me know who she is. Her hair has gone from long to short, I'm not entirely sure how tall she is (it's important!), I don't know her last name, her parents' names...

So how about you guys tell me your tips for starting a new WIP! Because I'm fading and I have no ideas for a real post. This is a tiny bit of a cop-out, but I'm sick so you guys will forgive me, right?

Peace and cookies,