Friday, September 17, 2010


Since I'm posting this at 11:45 PM on Friday afternoon EST time, I thought I'd talk about something a writer is oftentimes very good at: procrastination.

I mean, honestly. That movie was totally research. And really, I definitely needed to go out to lunch because you never know when your character will and you definitely have to check out pictures of that hot guy in that one tv show because he looks just like one of your male characters.

The good thing about writers is that they're creative in their excuses.

The bad thing about writers is that they're creative in their excuses.

Myself included.

The best way to get over procrastination, though, is to sit your ass down and write. There are a ton of programs that shut your internet off for an allotted time, so all you can do is write without being distracted by the shiny, shiny internet. Or, you know, you can always turn your router off or shut your wireless down. It might sound a bit like closing your air passages, but it'll be okay.

See what I'm doing here? Sitting down and writing, even though it's uber late and I'm exhausted and I just watched a movie that inspires A LOT of question marks (Repo: The Genetic Opera) and I almost forgot today was Friday.

Why don't you go do that, too? Sit down and write. Like, now.