Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How Homework Helps

Ha! That title got your attention. No, I don't really think homework is good. I do not suggest you spend hours on homework in the hopes that it will improve your writing. I myself HATE homework. (Except English sometimes.) (Because Tale of Two Cities is actually an awesome book.) (And I love Sydney Carton.)


Say you do have to do homework. You can use this as prime motivation for thinking about your story! How, you ask? Well. There are times when I need to expand on a scene, or think of a scene, or more about a character, and when I sit down to think about it, I'll find myself drawing blanks. I get my best ideas when my mind wanders, and apparently I can't always force my mind to wander. It has to be unintentional procrastination.

If you're like me, then use homework to your advantage. Once you have a pressing idea your mind probably won't let it go, so once you start reading about the Renaissance something will trigger a thought and that thought will trigger a different thought and pretty soon your mind will be wandering right down Story Idea Lane.

The point is, homework is a good device to use to induce unintentional procrastination.
(But then you still have to do the homework.)