Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I totally had another topic in mind, but it flew out of my mind in the last half hour when a Moment happened. I capitalize Moment because you can just tell, when real Moments occur, they need to be capitalized.

Characteristics of a Moment:
  • Generally an unexpected occurrence
  • Perhaps expected-but-not-really-expected-so-more-like-used-to-be-hypothetical
  • Cause you to blink, go still, or just stop (not necessarily stop, drop & roll though)
  • You NOTICE things. Or one thing in particular.
  • BONUS: Your mood changes, or you unexpectedly remain in the *same* mood, or a slow-mo version of it.
Moments are great for stories. Great to write, great to experience, great to reflect on, and make for great stories later. Here's my Moment:

Setting: Car, passenger seat. On way home from eye appointment. Pizza smell filling the car. Rain pounding on the windshield to the point of we-almost-can't-see.

Characters: Vise (my mother, gripping the steering wheel like a C-Clamp in Tech Ed), Cucumber (me, being calm), turtle (my sister, covering her ears).

Moment: lightning strikes. BAM. Almost right next to us. Clap of thunder immediately following.

Aware of: my still-cucumber mood. My sister and mother's characters. The fact that we may or may not hydroplane. STILL CUCUMBER. Wow.

Any cool Moments recently?