Saturday, April 23, 2011

Zoe is an Odd One

Being a writer comes with some personal writing quirks. Here are some of mine!

1. When I write in my room, my closet door has to be closed and my bed, desk, and bookshelf have to be relatively clean. It's weird. If those things aren't at least half-way clean, I can't focus. There was this one time where reorganized my whole room so I could write.

2. I have to have some sort of music or television show playing while I write. One of the things I hate most is white noise. It creeps me out how there is no noise going on, but it like... buzzes.

3. If there is someone sitting across from me or next to me, I find it hard to write. I generally don't let people who don't write read what I've written. So if my brother or my parents are siting near me, I can't write because I have this fear of them reading over my shoulder or something.

4. I have to be drinking something while I write. Coffee, tea, or water are usually my drinks of choice. And I drink/write more at night.

5. If I have a book next to me, I can't focus on what I'm writing because I keep flipping through the book and procrastinating.

6. Unless I'm doing a word war with someone, I hardly ever write. It's a bad habit, I know.

These are just some of my writerly quirks. Do you have any?