Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Has a Secret

Or: It's not really much of a secret, but that's the best I'm going to get (sore throat, not feeling so great, hopefully will feel better tomorrow, blah blah, move on to the fun part of this post).

Okay, so. I have an announcement. (Not an agent. Or a book deal. I'll keep you posted.) But it's still quite cool.

I'm going to be in this:

Undead Is Not An Option

More specifically, my short story Zombie Girl is going to be in it. It's in my real name. I know, what you're thinking. Gasp! Laina's not your real name? What is? I'm not telling. ;) But if you check this post out, you might be able to guess my secret identity!

So, um, yeah, if you preorder it, it's a buck ninety-five cheaper, which is a good price. It's a physical book, not an ebook, so that's cool, right??? (If you're into ebooks, there'll be one too. Not sure when, though.) And I'm in it, so it would be awesome if you ordered it. #nopressureoranything #failsatpimpingwork #whyamIusinghashtagsinapost?

Official info stuff: There'll be short stories, artwork, survival pieces, and contributions from actors from The Walking Dead, including my short story Zombie Girl. You can order it here or check out the website first.

My short Zombie Girl is probably a YA short if anything, but most of the others probably aren't. It's a sweet little story about a girl and her animals... dead animals, that is. 

And. Um. I think that's it. If you want, buy it and learn my secret identity ;) Like Superman and Clark Kent. Only I'm not wearing Spandex.

Peace and cookies,