Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Silver Lining

This past week, when I've said, "Yikes, I'm getting my wisdom teeth out Wednesday," the most common reaction has been, "That sucks! You're going to miss out on the four-day weekend." Which is true, I'll likely be living on the couch with the painkillers until Monday, but after an obligatory groan I've said back, "Yeah, but it's okay. I have plans."

That's right, the silver lining: mandatory bedrest = prime time to consume media. Meaning books. And movies. And TV shows. And STORIES.

I've already got a list to read/watch and have friends who own lots of DVs which they are willing to lend me. In addition, I'll garner some experience to use in a future story-- pre/post-surgery memories, which will hopefully be more clear than my last surgery when I was six (bye bye, tonsils!). All I remember about that is waking up and croaking, "Water!"

Hopefully a mass intake of multiple formats of stories will motivate me past the transition period of just-finished-Flawless-Ruins-edits-but-haven't-picked-my-current-story-back-up-yet-because-of-tiredness-plus-lots-of-homework. I may try to write, but I'm not sure how much pain/painkillers will mess with my concentration. (I'll let you know nest Tuesday.)

Any suggestions of stories for me to consume?