Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday is Newbie #2

Happy post-Cinco de Mayo! I’m actually 1/8 Spanish, believe it or not, but you probably wouldn’t be able to tell from my ginger hair and green eyes. Anyway, I didn’t actually celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but my mom did make me tacos on Saturday night. Can that count?
I’m Tori, by the way. High school student extraordinaire (not), the coolest person you’ll ever meet (definitely not), and the most qualified writer to give you custom tips on anything your little heart desires (absolutely, positively, unquestionably not). But you probably don’t want to hear about the girl I wish to be, so we’ll move on to who I actually am. The name on my birth certificate is Victoria Ann, but that makes me sound like a pretentious queen, so I prefer Tori. I’m nearly sixteen (wahoo! 9 days), a sophomore in high school, and I live in Alabama. Claim to fame: I live about two hours away from Antoine Dodson, and that is about the best I can come up with on why my state’s a cool place. Oh, and there’s the fact that John Green used to go to boarding school about half an hour north of my house; that’s neat, too. If you have never read his books, I demand that you educate yourself.

My hobbies past-times activities passions obsessions are writing centered. I’m the yearbook editor for Trinity Presbyterian School, newspaper editor, and English class is where the party is- for me, anyway. I love classic novels (Catcher in the Rye, anyone? Fahrenheit 451?), but I’m also a fantasy junkie as well. Ray Bradbury is my hero, and I recently met an author who was able to do a one-on-one interview with Bradbury; as you can imagine, I couldn’t stop the tears from streaming down my face in reverence. I run a new book review blog that I’m crossing my fingers I stay committed to, but I tend to get my priorities out of order at times. I have a horrible feeling I’m going to fail at marriage if I don’t work on my commitment problems. My long-term goals include publishing and novel-writing in any U.S. state with the exception of Alabama; I’m all too excited to get out of here!

As the new Monday girl here at YA Lit Six, I hope to brighten up your probably monotonous, bleak, and horrible start to the week with a dash of humor and a little bit of writing on the side. Who knows, maybe I’ll learn to be a faithful blogger and actually handle some responsibility! You can all give yourselves little pats on the back for making it through the worst day.