Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday is a Scaredy-Cat

Or: First official revision day and I'm already procrastinating!

For November 2010, I tried to do NaNoWriMo which was a total failure because I got sick twice that much which is a ton for me (I work with kids so my immune system for the common cold is pretty good) and it totally wiped me out and broke my brain. I ended up finishing the book in January 2011.

And I haven't really touched it since. Berserk kind of destroyed me emotionally. It's a hard book for me to work on and it kind of depressed me to write it. Now, that could very well have been a combination of holidays are freaking stressful and I probably wasn't sleeping so great, not being a winter person and being sick through most of November and probably still being a bit under the weather in December.

But... it's hard to tell that to the irrational part of your brain, you know? The irrational part of my brain blames the book and so I've been avoiding it for well over a year. (It's easier to do this when you write another and a long short story when you're supposed to be revising. And by easy I mean not at all easy because writing books is hard, man.)

So I'm working on my first book again right now (or I will be as soon as I'm done this book) but when I finish this round of revision (which will hopefully be the last for a while), I will be working on Berserk again. Because saying it here helps me commit ;)

What are you guys working on? Summer writing project plans?

Peace and cookies,