Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Gets Antsy

Or: Saturday has been on a break too long.

You remember that part where I wrote a long short story that took me like three months to write even though it was less than 20k? And then I finished and then I took a not-writing break and then in March I was revising? Well, the last revision thing didn't happen. I was actually waiting for a couple people to get back to me, but they couldn't so my plans had to change.

So this is the new plan: There's one week until I start revising Spyder again. Hopefully for the last time. But, because I'm insane like that, I have things I do to prepare for the beginning of the project. This week's include:

- Two books I want to read because they're out from the library and I don't really read during big revisions or the voice goes wonky.

- Cleaning. (This is also known as the part of not-writing where my brain goes weird and I get restless and try to Clean All the Things. I actually have a list of things to do so I don't just randomly clean everything because that is exhausting and not-productive in the long run.)

- Blogging. (Here and my other two blogs. I like to have lots of things scheduled on my book blog since we've seen how well I remember to blog.)

Then... next Saturday. Because I'm getting antsy to write again.

Okay, so. This is short but, hey, I remembered! Tell me what your plans and goals and stuff in the comments.

Peace and cookies,