Friday, January 28, 2011

So, I Can't Review Books Now?

There was a chat a few days ago on twitter where a few agents said that if a book reviewer queried them and the reviewer had given one of their clients a bad review- the agent would reject them. There were also a few authors who said that they wouldn't blurb someone who gave their book a negative review. I can understand why the author wouldn't want to blurb that persons book, but what I don't get is the agent-part.
As an aspiring author who loves reading, I find it hard to come to terms the fact that because I review books online, I can't get representation from some agents. I can understand where the agents are coming from, but I disagree with it. If someone ends up writing an amazing book that should be published, and you reject it because that person doesn't like one of your other clients books then it seems unfair to the querying author.
People have the right to dislike books and discuss them online. I've been reviewing for more than two years, and writing for three or four years. If I had to choose between being a published author and reviewing books, I don't know what I would choose. To me, it seems harsh. People don't have a right to share their opinion, at the risk of being turned down by an agent.

I know this post isn't totally writing related, but as someone who wants to get published someday- I'm worried about being turned down because I'm a book reviewer. What do you all think about this?